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Jun. 23rd, 2007 | 04:02 pm
posted by: milky_vii in melb_veg

 A few questions:
1) Where can I get my hands on some soy-yoghurt that:
a)tastes as close to dairy-yoghurt as possible
b)comes in a fairly large container.
The only thing I can find in supermarkets is tiny tubs of 'soylife'. I've only tried the blueberry flavour, which while being perfectly edible does taste a little bit like medicine.  There MUST be something around better than this. please.

2) The only soymilk I've tried thus far and liked is "Vitasoy - Soy Milky ". I was a little concerned by the added sugar, artificial flavours  and flavours...can someone recommend other soymilk brands that have a milky taste/texture, or even tell me what their favourite is?

3)Soy ICE CREAM. I've discovered tofutti's 'cuties' and other things...but... where can I get a large tub of soy ice cream in vanilla?!  And is 'so good' the only brand doing this?! I remember the days when my vegan friends ate this amazing stuff called furrucio/ferrucio/somethinglikethat. What happened to it?! where have all the soy ice creams gone?!

4)Is there ANY vegan alternative to goats cheese?!

5)Is there a super market or speciality store around, relatively close to the city and/or westside that sells this stuff!? I know TOFWD in the city is great, macro whole foods, etc...but where else?

6)Is it my imagination or are all these soy goods ridiculously over-processed with a bunch of artificial colours and flavours thrown in? Has anyone used the make-your-own-soy-milk machines and had any luck? Is it true that these machines don't create soymilk with the same vitamins as store-brought soy-milk?! I'm so confused.

Thanks y'all!

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from: officen4zi
date: Aug. 5th, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)

1. Sadly, I've also only found the "soylife" one as well =(
2. My favourite soy milk is so good with calcium added (in a purple/white carton), or the sports one, both are nice tasting and creamier than dairy milk.
3.So Good also (IMO) do the best soy ice-cream (seriously heavenly), but the soy icecream you speak of is available from (the name escapes me) Jewish supermarket, somewhere! eak, forgotten suburb (friend told me about it =) ).

4. I'm not sure if there is a vegan version of goats cheese or not, but tofutti do excellent cheeses (especially cream cheese) and if you can get into the city during business hours Animal Liberation Victoria sells a wide range of cheeses.

6. It's perfectly possible to create your own soymilk by grinding the beans, taste is another matter (an acquired one). Some soy milks have a lot of vitamins added to them to make them more complete nutritionally complete, you can get the same vitamins from a multi-vitamin tablet. However, I doubt you would find anything in the additive soy milk that would be particuarly bad for you.

7. You should also try rice & almond milk, both taste very nice and can be used for different things =)

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from: sister_awake
date: Oct. 7th, 2007 10:24 am (UTC)

As for the soy yoghurt: Soygurt is awesome, it comes in natural or flavoured. It even comes in a big tub for around $6.50. Flinders Organics on Flinders Street (just around the corner from TOFWD) sells it. As you walk in, it's on the left in the fridge section, usually bottom shelf. I agree with you that the blueberry soylife yoghurt does taste a bit like medicine; I prefer peach and mango or vanilla.

As for soy milk I was into the vitasoy in the green bottle (low fat/calci plus) for a few years. Bonsoy is amazing (in yellow packaging, expensive, but amazing. I've been using soy for around seven years, but I recently tried rice milk and i'm now a convert.

Unfortunately i'm not much of an expert on ice cream, however I did have a tub of passionfruit SoGood...which lasted about 2 days.

Cheeses: You'll have a field day in Flinders Organics in the city. Lots to choose from (they should be paying me for advertising them like this). The people who work there at night time generally have no idea, so be careful if you buy any muffins or biscuits from their cafe.

Other stores to look out for: Organic Wholefoods on Smith Street

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from: anonymous
date: Nov. 23rd, 2007 01:42 am (UTC)

1. Soygurt - buy it from Flinders Organics, Queen Vic Market, or Leo's Fine Food & Wine in Heidelberg. It's really yummy and tastes like real yogurt. You can get large containers at Flinders Organics and small at the other places.
2. So Good, Vitasoy, Australia's Own, Pureharvest, Nature's Soy - all good soy milk brands.
3. Soy Delicious (or Turtle Mountain) soy ice cream available in vanilla from Flinders Organics and Leo's in Heidelberg and Kew.
4. I've seen soy cheese around at health food shops - I think King Land make one.
5. Flinders Organics - literally the best range. The store is opposite Flinders Street station.
6. Yes you're right. I've tried making my own soy milk but it tasted so bad I'm sticking to Australia's Own rice milk (organic with no nasties)

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