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melb_veg's Journal

Melbourne Veg(etari)ans
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If your post is not specifically Melbourne related, it's probably better to post it to aussie_veggies. That community has more members watching it (more than any other Australian veg community) so there's more people either to answer your question or to benefit from your wisdom :)

Useful & relevant websites:
  • Vegetarian Victoria
  • HappyCow: Victoria - guide to vegetarian, vegan and veg friendly restaurants and health food stores in Melbourne and Victoria (not always completely up to date).
  • VeGMeL - an aggregation of food blogs by Melbourne based veg*ns
  • Radical Grocery - grocery store in Brunswick selling only vegan, fair trade, organic and otherwise ethical wares.

If you're looking for another kind of vegan community, there is a large, categorised list at the community information page of vegpromo, and a list of regional communities in the userinfo of vegantravel :)

Note: Change of ownership 19 July 2011 due to previous maintainer's account (milky_vii) being deleted and purged and there being instances of spam in this community.